Viet Nam’s active participation in regional Global Health Security Agenda highlighted activities in quarter 3/2016
As one of the two lead countries for the Zoonotic Diseases Action Package (ZDAP) and a contributing country for the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Action Package of the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), Viet Nam has demonstrated its efforts and engagement with this important cooperation program to international community through active participation in recent regional highlighted activities in the previous quarter.

From 26 – 29/6/2016, the two meetings on (i) Integrated Financing and Regional Cooperation for Pandemic Preparedness and (ii) Advancing Global Health Security: From Commitments to Actions were organized consecutively by the World Bank and WHO in Bali, Indonesia, attracting great interest from a wide range of representatives coming from government institutions, the private sector, academia, regional institutions and development agencies from countries in Asia and the Pacific. At these meetings, Viet Nam’s delegation, with the attendance of leaders of focal point Government agencies in the guidance and implementation of the GHSA in the country, presented an overview covering collaboration between the human and animal health sectors in addressing diseases, national planning for EIDs preparedness and response, institutional arrangements for coordination, implementation, monitoring and reporting, and proposed activities for sustainable financing. This was a good opportunity for GHSA member states to review health financing tools and identify opportunities for regional learning and knowledge exchange as well as to explore the roles of regional organizations in strengthening pandemic preparedness to address trans-border health threats. In particular, the second meeting aimed at a roadmap in building capacity for health emergency preparedness of the member countries.

In a series of GHSA events in quarter 3/2016, from 23 – 25/8/2016, the GHSA Action Package Coordination Meeting took place in Jakarta, Indonesia with the aim of (i) Strengthening the coordination among the GHSA participating countries in implementing the 11 Action Packages and in strengthening the 8 IHR core capacities, (ii) Sharing information, experiences in implementing the packages and (iii) Identifying workable steps, policies and strategies in bridging the gaps between national Action Packages and the implementation of strategic plan as outlined in country’s Action Packages. The meeting welcomed high-level technical representatives from GHSA participating countries, GHSA advisors and partners.

In the lead up to this meeting, a meeting on ZDAP with the theme “Sharing best practices and Strengthening Cooperation to Address Zoonotic Disease threats” was held on 22/8/2016. Based on the agreement between Indonesia and Viet Nam, as the lead countries for ZDAP, many crucial issues were discussed within the framework of the meeting, such as reviewing ZDAP achievements, challenges and lessons learnt, and discussing and agreeing upon next steps to accelerate the progress of ZDAP action plans, including improved communication and coordination. Both meetings received the participation of key GHSA implementing partners in Viet Nam, coming from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), the Ministry of Health (MOH), the Viet Nam One Health Partnership for Zoonoses (OHP) Secretariat and the Viet Nam One Health University Network (VOHUN), as well as international agencies working in Viet Nam. As a contribution to the content of the meetings and to provide an overview of GHSA implementation in the country, the OHP Secretariat supported the Viet Nam delegation to design and produce three posters, providing an overview on: (1) the ZDAP and EOC Action Packages in Viet Nam; (2) GHSA projects and partners in the country; and (3) GHSA and One Health Coordination in Viet Nam./.