Strengthening country collaboration in the implementation of the Global Health Security Agenda

Strengthening country collaboration in the implementation of the Global Health Security Agenda

On September 7th – 9th 2015, the Government of Republic of Korea hosted a High Level Meeting on Global Health Security Agenda in Seoul, Korea with the participation of more than 300 delegates from over 50 countries. The conference aims at strengthening international collaboration and encouraging engagement of governments, non-governmental organizations and international organization in the development and implementation of GSHA’s 11 action packages in order to achieve GHSA goals.

President Park GeunHye represented the Government of Republic of Korea to deliver opening remarks and announce the commitment commitment to contribute 100 million USD to global health security activities. US President Barack Obama, Finland President Sauli Niinisto also gave video opening speeches. Conference speeches highlighted the importance of GHSA in health security as well as economic, politic security at global and country level; inter-sector collaboration under Government direction and collaboration across countries were also emphasized as essential for ensuring global health security. In July this year, the United States announced the assistance to at least assist at least 30 countries to achieve the GHSA targets by 2020, including 17 countries and $1 billion and additional focus countries to be announced soon. More than half of this investment will focus on African countries. G-7 countries also reiterated their pledge to match our commitment by assisting a collective total of at least 60 countries.



Representatives from participating countries delivered presentations and joint developed the Seoul Declaration which promotes international cooperation for global health security; countries signaled commitments in the GHSA’s 11 Action packages and called for engagement of non-governmental organizations and international agencies in GHSA activities in 5 years.

Seoul Declaration was adopted, which highlighted the linkage among countries in diseases prevention “infectious diseases are not solely a public health problem for developing countries. These public health problems have major impacts on economy, society, and politic security at country and global level”. Seoul Declaration motivated countries, non-governmental organizations, international organizations to cooperate and develop a detailed plan for implementation of 11 GHSA  Action Packages, filling in the gaps and strengthening countries capacity to attain GHSA sustainable targets. 

Moving forward, Indonesia will take the reins from Finland to lead the GHSA in 2016, and Netherlands will host next year’s next High Level Event to keep our feet to the fire.