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New UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam
The new UNICEF Representative in Viet Nam, Mr Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, today, presented his credentials to Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ha Kim Ngoc. "UNICEF is known in every Vietnamese family as a champion of children's rights," stated Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ha Kim Ngoc. "Protecting and promoting the rights of the child is a top priority for Viet Nam. While much progress has been made over the years, more needs to be done to close the gap between the ratio of poor children and to ensure they have better access to health care, education and clean water," he noted.

Mr Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, comes to Viet Nam from Syria where he held the position of UNICEF Representative from 2012-2014 and led a complex, emergency response for child survival, protection and development during the current humanitarian crisis. Prior to that, he served as the Regional Team Leader for the Middle East and North Africa at the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria in Geneva, Switzerland.

new rep02During the presentation of his credentials, Mr Abdel-Jelil congratulated Viet Nam for its rapid integration into the global economy. He noted that with economic growth comes the shared responsibility for both UNICEF and Viet Nam to ensure inclusive growth and development, especially with regards to children. "UNICEF remains committed to work with partners in Viet Nam to reduce inequities that are still prevalent and are affecting children, particularly in ethnic minority areas," he said.

From 1998-2009, Mr Abdel-Jelil worked in various, senior roles for UNICEF across West Africa and the Middle East, including a period of time when he was Managing Director and Member of the Board of Mauritania's National Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM).

Prior to joining the United Nations, Mr Abdel-Jelil worked as Deputy Director of Financing in Mauritania's Ministry of Planning.

Mr Abdel-Jelil holds a Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Economics and Development from King's College, University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and a Master's Degree in Government Administration from the FELS Institute of Government at the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. He is married with three children.

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